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my story

In 2006, I had what many would call a perfect life. I had a successful career, home and lifestyle. However, on the inside, I was feeling less and less connected with myself. Outwardly I excelled in corporate sales for a decade, achieving success and recognition for my results.


"Inwardly, I was falling apart."

I started turning to anything that would distract me from what was really happening inside my heart and soul. Deep down I didn’t like my career. It was filling time and providing me with material wealth, but it was also widening the gap between me and my spirit. Soon, my body began to show its unhappiness through mounting stress levels and panic attacks. I began searching for spiritual fulfillment, but at the time didn't even know where to turn, but one thing was obvious -- I needed to change.

"Ask and you shall be shown."

As the feeling of disconnection deepened inside me, I started talking to the universe. Yes, it may sound strange, but this is what I did. I was yearning to feel better; to feel happy, balanced and fulfilled. So one night, before bed, I asked to be shown my purpose. The next morning I was opened the newspaper right to an ad for a local yoga studio. I felt it was a sign and decided immediately to take a class. I walked in not knowing; I walked out feeling pure elation and instant realization. Just one yoga class had given me the experience of connection, mindfulness, and balance that was missing from my life.

"I found balance and instant connection;
I found my Soul."


Yoga had such a profound and positive effect that I quit my corporate sales job and became a yoga teacher. I took courses from expert industry leaders; spent over 15 year consuming transformational material; and have completed essential courses to continue building my expertise, all in an effort to deepen my skills and understanding. Through this experience, I recognized many others felt the same way, and I became committed to sharing my knowledge to support them on their own journeys to fulfillment. Today, as an author, speaker and teacher, I am blessed with the opportunity to reach millions of people across the globe, helping them to find their own inherent blissful way of living.

"This is my passion, my life fulfillment and my purpose."

My work is my dharmic path, and I will never stop working with people to awaken the deeper inner essence of their own Souls. There is a light inside you that is waiting, that yearns, to live. Together, we can make it shine.

Lisa W.

I didn’t realize how breathing and tapping are so important to help the body slow down and process emotion. I can’t believe how much I have learned in one hour!

Mandy H.

I found the entire hour with Carol to be one of the most informative and knowledgeable talks I have ever heard.

Jane M.

I’ve attended more than one of Carol’s talks. There is so much good information. I felt so much more relaxed after attending!

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