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slow glow coaching

Are you ready to release stress and become balanced, fulfilled, and soul-quenched? 


Soul Glow Coaching is a journey back to who you truly are. It is a beautiful process of bridging the gap between who you are and whom you wish to become. Our work together is an exciting energetic partnership that releases the negativity, stress, and unprocessed emotions that are keeping you feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and incomplete.

the process

It is my passion and honor to share my knowledge and study of energetic work in a coaching model that creates profound life transformation.


Through different energy modalities such as E.F.T. ( Emotional Freedom Technique), new life skills, and a personalized daily energetic practice, we shift your life vibration and open space for manifestation and the ultimate achievement of your dreams. Through this coaching program, you will... 


  • Understand how to release and heal the past

  • Develop a daily well-being practice

  • Achieve life balance and inner calm

  • Understand and have access to a new way of living and breathing in the greater world around you


Through a personal assessment, we determine the length of sessions and frequency of meetings. I recommend a minimum of 10 once-a-week sessions together via Skype or in-person.


Please Note: My commitment to this transformation allows for a limited number of clients at a time. There is currently a waitlist.

If you would like to be considered for the Soul Glow Transformational Coaching please complete this questionnaire.

What Others Are Saying About Carol's Transformational Coaching…

Caroline Kucevic


Coaching with Carol was the perfect vehicle to help me work through the layers to find the truth of where I’ve been, where I presently am, and where I want to go with my life moving forward. Uncovering these truths and being real with myself was exactly what I needed to break through to my fullest potential. I moved through all that was holding me back so I could be open to all the abundance and opportunity that was coming my way.



Amber B.


Carol is such a loving, kind, and genuine person that I felt immediately at ease working with her. She was able to help me tap into areas I did not know were really affecting me through Emotional Freedom Technique and explore areas that I need to work on by creating a safe and relaxing environment. Through EFT she has opened my mind to a new world where I can really acknowledge my emotions and help release them so I can move on and start living life in the present moment. Becoming an adult, a wife, and a mother to two children, I find that emotions get swallowed daily and self-care is often put on the back burner. Raising children has also brought out a lot of old wounds from my own childhood that are really hard to acknowledge on my own. I find at this stage in my life I am less able to fully express how I feel as everyone around me is also “adulting” and have less time to listen and be present when these emotions arise. My EFT and coaching sessions with Carol have helped me to move on to the next chapters of my life with a sense of excitement, strength, and courage. I have applied some of the techniques to help my children and am amazed at the positive results from issues with wetting the bed, night terrors, anxiety, etc.  Thank you so much!!

Leigh Anne Bonnetta-Andrew


I am grateful to Carol for her kindness, compassion, and for sharing her knowledge of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) so that I can apply these techniques to my everyday life.



Linda Lennard


Carol introduced me to tapping and lead me to an amazing emotional release that helped me to restore and rebalance my energy. I know she has forever positively influenced my life. I am so grateful.





When I first met Carol, I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed with my life as a mom, my business, and my career. I didn’t have balance and felt stretched in every direction. I didn’t understand where I was going in my life and why I felt so scattered. Carol’s transformational coaching helped me immensely.


Through her knowledge and use of different energy modalities, I was able to see where the negative feelings and energies were in my body and shift that energy, creating freedom. I have a new found sense of peace and happiness, which has created a new way of being and existing. This has shifted what I am creating in my life, my relationships, my career, and attracting what I really want. She has also provided me with simple routines that I can incorporate into my daily life that will create and maintain these energy shifts. I am forever grateful for Carol and her ability to help create my transformation.


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