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learn to Unleash your soul, Reclaim your primal nature,

and become a Warrior of your own truth...

7-Day Ascension Path: Priestess Retreat

April 2-9, 2021 | Villa Mystique, Costa Rica


Devya Taya

Divine Power by Her: 

Devya Taya is a celebration of the Divine Feminine. Through this dance we are uniting to open and connect with the womb space, awaken our divine sexual energy, and learn to move intuitively from the awakening of this energy in dance and in life. 

Your Investment: $88.88 CAD + HST

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“I am so grateful for the online [The Wyld School Membership] - it has been a safe harbour for me.  I love the variety of classes that I can take according to my schedule. Most importantly, I’ve been able to keep my asana practice consistent. I especially appreciate that the teachers are aligned around a particular theme which helped to keep me centred and calm when I needed it most. I’m finding that this feeling of wellbeing has stayed with me throughout each day, and I’m sleeping soundly each night."

April 2020


"My plan this year was to do yoga every damn day... I still get to do that. At this most challenging time, I still get to do yoga every damn day. My personal goal is still on track. I wake up every morning and I know I have something to look forward to. The [The Wyld School] teachers are genuinely dedicated and thoughtful in their practice, and their daily presentation of virtual vinyasa and of varied types of yoga and meditation which reveal good intent and incredible energy."

April 2020


"I have met great women from all ages and walks of life, all assembled in the program for the same purpose; to be able to teach people the benefits of Yoga. I am gaining a whole new appreciation for yoga; balancing my strengths and working on my vulnerabilities in ways that feel not just healthy, but also deeply satisfying. The [The Wyld School] team is very unique. They are a community of like-minded people who truly care about your well-being. There’s something to be gained for everyone in [Wyld's] YTT program."

Illuminated Teacher Training Program 2017

Meet Radine

RADINE CORR, formally known as Carol Baxter, is our founder and

a mystic, space holder, a priestess of the Magdalene Rose lineage, a teacher and student of remembering. Through the magical door of yoga, Radine’s journey into remembering began over 15 years ago. Through the study and practice of yoga, she opened yoga studios and developed a transformational teacher training program that inspired many to explore the deeper realms of the dualistic nature of our world, and of ourselves, helping all who emerged as teachers to be on a path of a balanced wholistic nature. 


Since then, she has walked the path of the heart warrior, healing herself with  sacred plant medicine, including Ayahuasca , sacred mushrooms, and 5 MEO DMT. This ancient magic paved the gateway for much deeper wisdom, the exploration of ancient  mysteries and beautiful creations. Radine is also certified in Womb Dragon Priestess Training, Womb Healing, and facilitating Sacred Plant Ceremonies .

Her new creation, ‘ Devya Taya, Divine Power by Her’ is a live dance celebration that  reclaims  the lost tantric arts of the Divine Feminine, empowering us all to remember and emerge anew. 


The Confidence Project

Discover how you can live your life as the fearless, confident, beautiful spirit you are and embark on a personal journey to find your confidence and live your best life. In this interactive journal and online program, Radine Corr offers meditations, worksheets, yoga exercises, journal prompts, and various practical tools designed to uncover the source of your insecurities.


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