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Carol Baxter is a Speaker, Television Host, Author, Yoga Teacher, Studio Owner, and Transformational Life Coach...


...Helping women regain self-confidence, restore balance, and live from the soul.


A Little Introduction

Carol Baxter is a speaker, owner of the top-rated Glow Yoga Wellness Studios, a Yoga Teacher Training facilitator, author, transformational life coach, and television host of the Glow Wellness Show. Carol is passionate about helping women reclaim their self-confidence and live from a place of purpose and authenticity. 


For more than 10 years, Carol has helped thousands of women transform their lives with a unique blend of yoga, meditation, visualization, and tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique). Her training, combined with her personal journey toward self-confidence, give her the unique experience necessary to guide women on the sometimes scary and always exciting journey of learning to love yourself. 

The Full Story 

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interview & speaking topics

Stress-Free Living, Achieving Balance, and Redesigning Your Life


  • What is positive and negative stress?

  • What are some simple techniques we can do each day to begin to help manage stress?

  • Will we ever be stress-free and do we want to be?


Everyday Tools to Alleviate Stress in the Workplace


  • What are the major causes of stress in Canada?

  • Why is mindfulness an important practice?

  • How can people reduce stress at work?


Elevate Your Energy, Elevate Your Life!


  • What is energy elevation and why is it important?

  • How do we begin to strengthen our energy?

  • What is something we can do each day to bring our energy level to the next level?

Regain Self-Confidence and Life from the Soul


  • Why is self-confidence such a challenge for so many of us? 

  • What are some simple techniques we can do each day to help increase self-confidence?

  • How does being self-confident help us lead a more fulfilling and authentic life? 

The Importance Of Our Aura


  • What is the aura?

  • How do we know if our aura is weak or strong?

  • What are some exercises we can do to strengthen it?


Why We Crave Transformation


  • What is transformation?

  • Why is it necessary?

  • If someone wants to make shifts and changes in their life, how do they begin?

Why We Need Mindfulness


  • What does "mindfulness" actually mean? 

  • How is mindfulness related to our daily experience of life?

  • What will being more mindful do for our lives? How will it improve or change our experience?


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