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Finding Your Soul Glow

Finding The Soul Glow

When I was a young child I had always felt a deep connection to God or Source. So much so that I had a daily connection practice that I established and did without my parents even knowing.

It seemed that the more I connected to this source, the better I felt. I would be in need of something and it would appear, I would be in distress and the problem would soon go away. I remember thinking, ‘this is incredible, I’m really being heard, I feel connected to something greater than myself, and everything that I have been taught’. I was accessing the glow of my soul.

However, as I became older, I lost this connection. I experienced peer pressure, increased parental and societal influence, and a general feeling of having to keep up with everything around me. This way of living continued until I was in my late twenties, and then things started to fall apart. Something huge was missing in my life. And my old ‘ways of being’ weren’t working anymore.

Drifting From Your Soul Glow

I believe we live a life of prescription. We awaken to our parents ideals and societies’ ways of living in the world and we adapt. We quickly understand what is considered right from wrong and determine our place in the world based on input from our family, peers and societies examples through media.

Each of us is born whole, complete and perfect, but we quickly feel a separation when we begin to understand that instead of expression, we must conform to societies ways of living and adapting. As a result, the glow of our soul drifts further and further away from us.

It is quite a startling thing to understand and accept that we are perfect just as we are. How can we be perfect with all of our ‘faults,’ all of our ‘bad qualities’ and poor tendencies? If we are whole, how do we end up feeling so disconnected and separated as we grow up?

As we move through life we are taught to adapt and conform who we naturally are to ‘who we should be’. Some of us pursue jobs that aren’t right for us, but fit the perfect acceptable role for us in society. We move along and may choose to get married, perhaps have children and live a perfectly acceptable life. More often than not we ignore a longing inside for something more. This is simply because we are not taught to listen, and we are don’t understand how to answer the call.

Emerging From The Cocoon

Like a caterpillar, we weave a beautiful protective cocoon around us. However, at some point, the caterpillar starts to poke at the cocoon. It wishes to break free of conformity. It wants to experience freedom, expression and the power to be who it is meant to be. This usually happens much later in life. This crucial point has also been labelled the ‘mid-life crisis’. It is during this stage that we begin to experience excess stress and a lack of life balance. The majority of us feel stuck and that something is missing. Our old ways of being don’t seem to work for us in the same capacity.

To feel whole, complete, and fulfilled inside we must access a deeper part of us. This part is unchanging, complete and is the always present GLOW OF THE SOUL.

Reconnecting with Your Soul Glow

It is easier than we think to access, but we must break down the barriers we have built up along the way to reach it.

When we reach this connection, we begin to understand our deeper needs and our own inherent creative juices. Our life slowly starts to change and adapt to accommodate the person we truly wish to be. Stress is managed and released and a new connection between the body, mind, and spirit is found.

Once you connect with the Glow of your Soul it opens a door that is never closed and begins to fulfill you on a whole new level. It is an essential part of our journey, the missing piece to living a life that gives us access to creating the life of our dreams.

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