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Journey to the Glow Yoga Academy

When we take the time to reflect on our lives and the changes that we all endure, the familiar cycles of these changes suddenly become apparent.

My personal reflection has revealed to me: the winds of upcoming change, the catalysts that created this shift, the eye of the storm, and the silver lining surrounding all the uncertainty.

Through significant and ongoing reflection, I can see beyond the veil of illusion, and with that knowing, I am never afraid. The willingness to pause and reflect on different periods in your life will always lead to greater learnings—and in a mysteriously awesome way will also reveal your future.

This is what I know.

Our lives—like the universe—are always expanding and contracting, and what’s interesting to understand is that we are always being presented with opportunities for expansion no matter how difficult a period of contraction in our lives may be.

Covid-19 brought much of the world to a stand still. Lock-down was something most of humanity at this time in existence had never experienced. We were pushed to retract, to stay isolated and still, and as such remain in fear and uncertainty for a long period of time.

As this change was ushered into my reality, it forced the closure of my studios and the status quo of my own routine of teaching and interacting with my community stopped cold. As I reflected on what this meant—for myself, my teachers and the greater Glow community—I recognized this contraction as an opportunity to expand into a realm of something I had wanted for quite some time—a virtual yoga studio.

You see, YOGA is yoga. It does not change no matter what is changing around us.

It is a process of connection. It clears away old energy and connects us to our breath and to our very essence no matter where we are practicing or who is around us.

The teaching and the essence of this great soul practice is the one thing I believed could navigate our way through the changes in the world.

As the world was forced to contract, so did we as individuals. It became quite clear to many of us that this was becoming a time of great change and even greater awakening. It was, and is, an opportunity to strengthen the connection within and release attachments to the way we ‘think’ things should be or look like.

I chose to stay in the flow of what was. I chose to transition my community that I’ve built alongside many of you for over a decade to an online format that would not only ride the flow of change, but also be the calm in the eye of the storm.

However, just because something is meant to be, it doesn’t mean it’s without challenges ;)

Technology is something I am growing to love, and we are working out the kinks with smiles and so much positivity despite the onset of Mercury Retrograde and forces that sometimes seem out of my control.

As I continue to build this business I do so with great visions. I see a virtual yoga studio that bridges global connection; that allows students to connect with incredible teachers; and provides a safe and inclusive space for all people in our community to evolve and grow at a level that is both deep and efficient.

To maintain that support and personal interaction, we launched a weekly ‘inner circle’ wherein we discuss matters of the heart, and exchange personal feedback and life experiences to help each person elevate their awareness and begin taking small steps towards change.

My vision also includes my Illuminated Teacher-Training program being offered worldwide. I’ve always been proud of this program and the excitement of being able to help shape accomplished teachers across the world is a dream come true. Students learn the beautiful art of teaching yoga, as well as the deep inner investigation of the individual who is to become a teacher. A heart-centred training that offers shadow work, Shakti cultivation and the ability to begin the journey of true self love.

These are the teachers the world needs now more than ever.

Without Covid-19, without the lock-down, without this natural contraction from the universe—my online studio and global teacher-training program may have stayed in the dream box indefinitely, if not forever.

There have been challenges—for some they have been enormous—but I call you to reflect; to be still for a moment and sit in the discomfort of this massive contraction. Then see; see so clearly the expansion that is about to unfold into an awakening like no other—release resistance, flow with the change and, above all, look for the opportunities that I promise are being offered.

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