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Our Magical Aura

We all have an aura. The magical aura is an electromagnetic field that expands around our bodies up to 5 feet. It is an oval shaped energy field, composed of several different layers.

If we were to imagine our aura, we could visualize layers of different colours of energy emanating from our bodies.

The aura contains information about our spiritual, physical and psychological health and is directly connected to the vitality of our chakras.

Experiencing the energy of other auras.

Believe it or not, we are constantly picking up other people’s auras. Simply when we sense another person’s mood or thoughts, we are directly picking up the vibration of their aura.

Here are some simple examples of how you may feel when picking up auras around you:

  • Feeling drained around certain people.

  • Feeling drained, or overwhelmed in crowds, shopping malls, parties, social events.

  • Feeling anxious, negative or triggered around certain people.

Or maybe you are:

  • Feeling a sense of calm or peacefulness after being around a person.

  • Feeling uplifted from being with someone.

Prana Life Force Energy

We are all interconnected and we are constantly picking up the vibrations of those around us. Our aura’s are directly connected to our prana, which is our life force energy. When we feel depleted or run down, our prana is low. Conversely, when we feel upbeat and full of vitality our prana vibration is high.

Because we are always in contact with others and absorbing their energy, it is important to understand how to keep your energetic field balanced.

Part of my individual work with students and clients is teaching different energy techniques to help to strengthen their aura. It is an empowering practice to adopt.

How to Rebuild the Vitality of Your Aura

Here are some simple ways you can rebuild your prana (life force energy) and increase the vitality of your aura.

  • Connect to the earth. Walk barefoot on the ground and feel the connection of the earth’s energy rise up into you. The soil or sand of the earth contains positive ions which we absorb into our bodies.

  • Bathe in the ocean or take a sea salt bath. The ocean salt water helps to pump blood from our lower limbs to the stomach, bringing more oxygen to the brain, helping us to stay more alert and filled with new vitality.

  • Meditate. Focus on the breath, bringing you back to the connection to your spirit, your Soul Glow.

  • Smudge. One of my favourite ways to cleanse myself and my home or yoga space of negative energy. Light a few sage leaves in a shell or other non-flammable container and let guide the container around the room letting the smoke clear the energy.

Here Is A Sage Smudging Ritual You Can Do At Home

  • Open doors and windows of your home.

  • Light the sage, either white or garden (dried).

  • Set a clear intention for your purpose to sage, one of my favourites is “ I release all negativity to the light".

  • Sage yourself using a circular motion from the crown of your head, all the way to your feet, saying the mantra “ I release all negativity to the light”.

  • It is also helpful to have someone sage your back as well.

  • Move the sage to gateway areas of your house such as doors, closets or windows and hallways.

  • Sage family members if they allow you to.

  • When finished, imagine your entire home being filled with new white light energy.

  • Extinguish the sage stick in a cup of water or bury it in the earth.

A daily practice that involves cleansing your aura is also a highly effective way to keep your energetic field cleansed, and your vibration high!

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