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Release Fear: Carol speaks out about COVID-19

Dearest friends,

There have been moments this past week where I have had to stop and ask, “how did we get here?” The flu-like illness, COVID-19, has spread across the globe at an unprecedented rate, and while I don’t typically place my attention on fear-based panic—what we feed grows—as more of us retreat into isolation I felt called to speak.

The world is experiencing an overwhelming collective vibration of fear.

We have reason to feel fearful, and in truth, fear has its rightful place in helping to keep us safe. However, when fear takes over we act out of self preservation—at any cost—and it’s then we face a great challenge.

It saddens my heart to see that food banks have been robbed; grocery stores have a limited supply of essential items; those most at risk of becoming severely ill or dying from COVID-19 are being left to fend for themselves; and people are turning on each other with both verbal and physical violence.

Simultaneously, over the past few months I have been deeply absorbed in my Kundalini teacher-training program, where I learned of five sutras (thought-threads) that were provided to sustain us during the Aquarian Age—the first one being; recognize that the other person is you.

Beautiful people, while we are ALL holding some fear at this time, we must proceed with our fellow beings’ best interests at heart as well as our own. At our deepest core we are all one and when we strip others of their basic right to feel safe or of the basic necessities for quality of life, we stand only to lose ourselves.

I invite you to meditate on these words—recognize that the other person is you.

Over generations, we have become so separated, and now we have an opportunity in this global crisis to regain connection—not physical connection as isolation precautions do serve our collective best interests—but spiritual connection. Heart to heart as we remember that at our essence we are all one soul.

I’d also like to share this Kundalini meditation that reminds us of the bond we share beyond our physical selves. We can move back towards oneness if we choose to do so. While you may feel powerless, you are still empowered to choose how YOU show up.

And as you are, the world will be.

At our deepest level we are all connected, and in times like these we must remember that beyond our normal sense of time and space you are me and I am you.

With love from a shared heart,


Posture: sit comfortably cross-legged on the floor or on a chair with both feet on the floor. Feel free to sit on a bolster or blankets to ensure the spine is straight. This meditation is also beautifully practiced with a partner sitting back to back (see header photo).

Mudra: create a loose fist with the right hand. Bend the elbow so it rests at the side and point the index finger (associated with wisdom and the harmonization of opposing forces) straight up towards the ceiling or sky and the left hand over the heart.

Eye focus: focus the inner gaze slightly upwards towards the centre of the eyebrows.

Mantra: Humee Hum; Tumee Tum; Wahe Guru; I am thine, in mine, myself; Wahe Guru.

There are many beautiful versions of this mantra, but I Am Thine by Jai Jagdeesh from her album of the same name, is my favourite.

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