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Sacred Plant Medicine Circles

The circle has healing power
In the circle, we are all equal.
When in the circle, no one is in front of you .
No one is behind you. No one is above you.
No one is below you…

- Dave Chief, Oglala Lakota 


Join the Ceremony

Many years ago, people gathered in community to heal. There was power in this practice and we didn’t know any other way to live.

The circle is powerful, because we are all equal, sharing in a journey of healing and remembering together.

Our community healing circles are a beautiful practice of gathering and honoring each other’s healing journey.
All circles are facilitated by Radine, and held with the energy of sacred plants, ancient rituals and loving intentions.

Upcoming Ceremonies: TBD

Your Investment per Ceremony: $222 CAD + HST

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Radine Corr

RADINE CORR, is a mystic, space holder and a priestess of the Magdalene Rose lineage. Through the magical door of yoga, Radine’s journey into remembering began over 15 years ago. Through the study and practice of yoga, she opened yoga studios and developed a transformational teacher training program that inspired many to explore the deeper realms of the dualistic nature of our world, and of ourselves, helping all who emerged as teachers to be on a path of a balanced wholistic nature. 


Since then, she has walked the path of the heart warrior, healing herself with sacred plant medicines and deep initiations into the priestess lineage of the Magdalene. These sacred processes paved the gateway for much deeper wisdom including transmissions and sacred rites of passage.


Her gatherings reflect her learning and healing, as each ceremony harmonizes with the elements, the sacred, and the transmission of what your soul is ready to receive. 


Radine is also certified in Womb Dragon Priestess Training, Womb Healing and Activations, Sacred Magdalene Initiations, and facilitating Sacred Plant Ceremonies.

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