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7-Day Ascension Path

Priestess Light Codes

Level One Retreat

November 4th-11th, 2022 | Villa Mystique, Costa Rica


A Priestess is here to Serve

This is the path of ascension, and  perhaps the highest calling on this earth plane. This path teaches us  how to  bring forth 

the formless into form through a deep inner listening and communion with the divine. 


As we learn to unlock our own coding and raise our consciousness, we also begin to elevate the collective energy of our planet,  and naturally contribute to the elevation of humanity in our own unique way.


Through this path of Ascension, you are learning how to live in the frequency of a new paradigm. This level of existence is one unto which we step into the art of BEING rather than doing.

It is in this language of the Divine Feminine, that we begin to unlock how to heal ourselves, open the heart space, activate and heal the womb and reconnect with the whispers of Mother Earth.


If you are ready to step into the frequency of  the divine feminine, restore balance for yourself and our planet, and learn to live in the frequency of divine love, all within the sacred container of divine sisterhood, this retreat is for you. 


Here, you will experience incredible healing and transformational processes including direct Priestess Downloads from Source Consciousness.

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This 7 Day Ascension Path journey will empower you to learn tools  and invaluable ancient practices to empower you as leader, teacher, mother, friend, sister and Priestess as you return home.

Together, under the Costa Rica stars at our Villa Mystique, we will learn to heal ourselves, deepen our intuition, activate our bliss body and step into the role of Priestess for ourselves and for everyone on our path.

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Your Retreat Experiences

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Labyrinth & Dinner

Experience Costa Rica’s La Senda, the world’s biggest labyrinth in the middle of the dry tropical forest of Guanacasta.


This experience is truly a gateway to another realm. Designed and build around specific energy vortexes, La Senda will lead you on a path of your own self discovery, balancing and regenerating your field of energy.


Together with intention we will walk the labyrinth, practice meditations in its centre, and enjoy a farm to table dinner underneath the Costa Rican Stars.


Sacred WaterFall Ceremony

Waterfalls are natural offerings of water by Prakriti ( nature) to Shiva who is present in the water streams and rivers of the earth as numerous stones. These sacred places on earth are known as a bathing place for celestial beings, purifying all who frequent them.


Waterfalls represent the flow of life, energy, consciousness and breath from one plane to another. Together we will experience sacred ceremony within the beautiful waters of Llano De Cortez , experiencing  emotional release, rejuvenation 

and true renewal of spirit.

Transmissions with Radine

If you are reading this, you are ready to look beyond the veils, to receive sacred knowledge and transmissions from ancient mystical temples and lifetimes past. It is time to embrace the divine feminine - your connection to intuition, compassion, empathy and inner wisdom - and step into Priestess, a cosmic channel of the Divine.

This Sacred Container of Initiation with other sisters will include: 


  • Daily womb shakti practices;  learn to connect deeply with your womb space, she that brings the formless into form

  • Understand how to clear, heal and build the creatrix energy that flows through your womb

  • Learn the Ancient Power Dragon Shakti Breath 

  • Develop a daily priestess spiritual practice through daily shared rituals that will connect you to the force of shakti and open your heart to the meaning of Sacred Embodiment

  • Understand how to harness the power of  sacred sexual energy through dance and embodiment practices , opening to the Bliss Body, the true fuel of the Tantric Journey.

  • Receive and learn the Sacred Water Blessing for yourself and others in your life


Step into your remembrance as Priestess with us and embrace all that you truly are - a living embodiment of love

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Image by Samuel Charron

Begin Your Journey

The base cost for this Retreat is $3000 + HST CAD + the cost of the room you chose. We require a non-refundable $500 deposit to secure your spot and save your room. You will be responsible for your flight to and from Costa Rica and COVID testing. 


- Star Light Room: King Sized bed (Occupancy 1-2 people) - $600 + HST- SOLD

Lotus Flower Room: 2 Double beds (Occupancy 2 people) - $500 + HST per person- SOLD

Infinity Room: 2 Bunk Beds (Occupancy 2 people) - $400 + HST per person - SOLD 

*Although The Villa Mystic accommodations are SOLD OUT, alternative arrangements for accommodation may be made upon request, please email to inquire further*

What's Included:

- Transmissions

- Plant Medicine 

-  All Ceremonies 

- All Lodging

- All Meals 

- Transportation to and from airport