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the confidence project

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The Confidence Project is an interactive journal and online program designed to empower YOU to live your best life. Featuring a combination of personal narrative, reflective journaling prompts, practical tools and exercises, guided meditations, and more, this journal and program will help you come into your best self. 


The Confidence Project is the culmination of years of experience exploring what confidence means to me. The journal and program follows my own journey, drawing on the same tools and practices that led me to reclaim my self-confidence and step into my full potential. For over a decade I've seen these exercises work for clients struggling to live the life of their dreams. These practices are a powerful and effective way to come home to yourself and create your ideal reality. 


The Confidence Project will bring your true radiance to light and help you move into the world in a brand new way. 

The Confidence Project by Carol Baxter
Radine Baxter

The Confidence Project by Carol Baxter

the journal

In this interactive journal, Carol Anne Baxter offers meditations, worksheets, yoga exercises, journal prompts, and various practical tools designed to uncover the source of your insecurities. Discover how you can live your life as the fearless, confident, beautiful spirit you are and embark on a personal journey to find your confidence and live your best life. Carol uses her own personal experience combined with her years of training in yoga and healing modalities to help women realize what she discovered so many yoga classes ago: When we begin to invest in ourselves, we discover that anything is possible.


the online program

In this online program, Carol Anne Baxter offers 8 guided meditations, 7 movement and tapping exercises, and carefully curated playlist to help you reclaim your self-confidence and step into your full potential. For over a decade, Carol has helped thousands of women transform their lives with a unique blend of yoga, free form body movement, meditation and visualization techniques, and tapping (EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique). Embark with Carol on a four-month journey, with weekly exercises guiding you on your personal path to self-confidence.

Your Investment: $222 CAD + HST

TCP Online Program

Moncia H.

This goes beyond anything available in the field of self-inquiry. I love the concept of this book - from the thoughtful questions to the unique energy classes and meditations. Carol's authenticity comes through her writing and you feel as though you are working with her throughout the pages. Her unique approach gently guides you towards discovering a new found, deep rooted confidence that we all need to resurrect and carry with us in life. Highly recommended.

Amanda K.

I absolutely love this book! Every chapter is authentic and meaningful. It gives you a road map to healing the mind, body and soul to regain confidence. As I'm reading through the chapters, I can feel the energy radiating off the pages. Each day we are faced with a barrage of images and messages from society and the media telling us who, what, and how we should be. We often do not take enough time for stillness and inner work to find our authentic self. We often feel we aren't good enough. Not only does the author share her own experiences but she gives you the tools to discover that spark within you.

Amazon Customer

I absolutely LOVE this book! I literally read it every day. It is a powerful tool in learning self-worth and teaches you techniques to overcome fear, anxiety and self-doubt. The movement techniques she teaches in here are incredible. She has unlocked life-changing tools in this book that you would only get from expensive courses. I cannot even express how amazing this book is. It is also visually beautiful. I highly recommend every woman get this book! It is a MUST-HAVE.

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