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The Hidden Gift

An Initiation into the Deep Mysteries of the Feminine Soul

Your guides: Radine Baxter and Amyann Faul

February 22-28, 2024 | Villa Mystique - Guanacaste, Costa Rica 

Embark on your own heroine's journey - Inana's descent - into your wise body & womb, to find your purest treasure: your feminine power. 

The Heroine's Descent for her Treasure


Through daily sacred connection to the land of Costa Rica, rituals to take you deep into your feminine truth, you will awaken your innate wisdom and embodied intuition, alchemize and heal thorugh pleasure. Supported by local Costa Rican sound healing, womb healers, and bodywork, you will be transported into a chalice of transformation like no other.

The Hidden Gift Retreat

...the deep feminine soul 

Have you felt the whisper of the feminine? 


The stirrings of something untouched and unknown within you? 


Imagine a secluded shamanic space where you can lose yourself to find who you truly are.


She waits for you there.


In a place where the truth of yourself will be revealed, where the cycles of life and rebirth are honored. The pieces of yourself that are ready to fall away will make space for the radiance of your soul to shine through.


Are you ready to awaken your dance and remember the drum beat of the earth? 


She is calling you back home to secrets long forgotten…


On this journey, you will take off the “trappings” of the Upper World, the masculine masks we wear, and descend into the world of the unconscious, dreams, the ancestors, also known as  the Underworld. Here you will let go of what’s weighing you down, your limiting beliefs, and be reborn into who you really are, with pleasure. 


Embark on the heroine's journey with sisters and guides by your side.


In the depths of the unknown, you will find your most precious treasure, your Hidden Gift. As the heroine, you will ascend from the “underworld,” bringing that gift back to the Upper World. When you return to the “regular world,” your village, you may look the same on the outside, but you are transformed entirely from within.


Through this transformation you have new magic to share with your community.


In this retreat, you are the heroine, the main character, of your own soul’s quest.

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Is the Hidden Gift for you?

Have you ever felt that all the new age spiritual talk of “love and light” somehow falls flat or can feel empty at times? 


Does it feel that your life has more depth, and more “dark,” than most spirituality seems to make room for?


Do you hold yourself back from your fullest and truest expression? 


Do you find it difficult to allow yourself pleasure when you are going through hard times, anxiety/depression or suffering? 


Do you want to learn how to bring pleasure to some of the most painful parts of your experience? 


What you are looking for can be found in the Mysteries of the Deep Feminine

What you will receive: 


  • Tools for turning your pain into pleasure (emotional alchemy) & feel your big feelings without resistance

  • Practices for healing yourself with bliss and ease

  • Womb alchemy 

  • Bliss body activation 

  • Daily Feminine Qi Gong

  • Kundalini activation 

  • Practical Feminine embodiment tools to use at home

This is for the woman who: 


  • Is caught in an overly “masculine” energy and is feeling burnt out and lacking her feminine luster

  • Feels the weight of having to be everything for everyone

  • Feels like they’re hitting a wall and their current operating system isn’t working anymore

  • Feels burnt out and exhausted 

  • Needs to learn how to release stuck emotions and stagnant energy 

  • Wishes to connect to the most powerful version of themselves  

  • Simply wishes to reconnect to themselves 

  • Wants to bring more pleasure and play into her life 

  • Wants to heal through pleasure 

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Your Retreat Hosts

Villa Mystique_Final_Full - Color.png

The Hidden Gift  journey will empower you to learn tools  and invaluable ancient practices to empower you as leader, teacher, mother, friend, sister and Priestess as you return home.

Together, under the Costa Rica stars at our Villa Mystique, we will learn to heal ourselves, deepen our intuition, activate our bliss body and step into the role of Priestess for ourselves and for everyone on our path.

Image by Selina Bubendorfer

Your Retreat Experiences

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Sound Bath & Cacao Ceremony 

Marianela Ortiz - a singer, musician and revolutionary leader in the world of holistic wellness - will guide us through transformational ceremony. 


Known as the food of goddess/gods, cacao is a plant medicine that works as a heart expander and mind opener. We will come together to open our hearts in a sacred space of love, returning to our truth.


During the sound bath, you will find a deep relationship with your higher self, allowing you to receive the vibrations of positivity, joy and love that are intrinsic to you. Various instruments are integrated with a guided meditation and a powerful pranayama or breathwork that prepares our entire being to receive the healing bath vibrations.


Marianela is able to channel the purest energies through her hands, her spirit and her magical voice.


Sweat Lodge with Aya

Aya Natan is originally from Israel & began traveling the world in 2000. In 2010 she settled her roots in Costa Rica.

Aya is a channel of healing remedies & is the owner of Cura Sana, a high vibrational medicines & skincare line.

Bringing healing to people all around the world through her gifts, channeled through sacred Mother Nature, is when her soul purpose has embodied. She is a devotee to the new paradigm of natural healing.

Aya will be hosting two sweat lodges for guests of the Retreat, at La Senda.

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Labyrinth & Dinner

Experience Costa Rica’s La Senda, the world’s biggest labyrinth in the middle of the dry tropical forest of Guanacasta.


This experience is truly a gateway to another realm. Designed and build around specific energy vortexes, La Senda will lead you on a path of your own self discovery, balancing and regenerating your field of energy.


Together with intention we will walk the labyrinth, practice a ritual of transformation in its centre, and enjoy the magic of the jungle  underneath the Costa Rican Stars.

The Labyrinth has been a symbol throughout time of the Goddess mysteries, of life, death, and rebirth, as well as a depiction of the Heroine's descent journey.


Sacred Dance Party

On the last night of of this transformative retreat, we will come together and embody the learnings of the week and the deep feminine. 

Let lose into who you truly are, dance in sisterhood to world music and celebrate the birth of your new, truly aligned feminine self. 

More details to come. 

Retreat Daily Flow

This an example or the daily rhythm of the retreat - all in sacred sisterhood:

7 am-8 am  wake up, coffee, tea, fruit 


8 am-9 am  Taoist Qi Gong, Priestess Flow with Radine 


9 am-10:30 am  Breakfast - local, organic, vegetarian fare


11 am-1:00 pm - Workshop*: Emotional Alchemy - become a clear channel, embodiment practice 


1 pm-4 pm Lunch and free time 


4 pm-6 pm  Workshop*:  Become the Magnet - Sensual Bliss practice 


6:30pm  Dinner and free flow 


*Workshops can include embodiment practices, visualization, meditation, breathwork, energy work, movement, and journaling - in the energy of each day of the retreat.

Tea & Coffee & Snacks are available throughout the day. All food is organic local Costa Rican fruits, vegetable and produce.

Image by Samuel Charron

Begin Your Journey

The EARLY BIRD base cost for this retreat is $2,222 USD +  the cost of the room you chose. We require a non-refundable $500 deposit to secure your spot and save your room. You will be responsible for your flight to and from Costa Rica.

EARLY BIRD ends November 22. 

After that the price goes up to $2,888 USD

 On-Site Accommodations:

- Starlight Room: King Sized bed (Occupancy 1-2 people) - $600 USD *Occupied*

- Hummingbird Room: King Sized bed (Occupancy 1-2 people) - $600 USD *Occupied*

Lotus Flower Room: 2 Double beds (Occupancy 2 people) - $500 USD per person - 1 spot left

Infinity Room: 2 Bunk Beds (Occupancy 4 people) - $200 USD per person

- Semi Private Den: Pull out couch (1 person) - $100 *Occupied*

Off-Site Accommodations:
Guests who stay in the neighborhood of the villa will still receive all food, ceremonies, transportation and everything the retreat is offering.

Please email below for further information &  pricing. 

What's Included:

- Transmissions

- Embodiment classes 

-  All Ceremonies 

- Plant Medicine 

- All Lodging

- All Meals 

- Transportation to and from airport

-Sweat Lodge 

- Guest Teachers



"I attended a level one priestess retreat in Costa Rica led by Radine.  It was nothing less than spectacular.  Radine has an innate ability to make you feel safe and hold space while you tap into your work. The ceremonies and morning rituals were thought out with loving intention. 

Her retreat space is a sanctuary tapping into all the senses.  The resonance of this high vibration helps to facilitate energetic shifting and healing.  Coming together with a small group of women to remember this type of healing is a powerful experience.  I could not be more grateful for the self work Radine has done in order to help us all continue to elevate in our journeys. "


"The Mystique Villa is a magical place to align and celebrate with your true self.

Radine has created a beautiful environment for women to gather to experience new practices of enlightenment, expansion and divine feminine empowerment.

Many blessings to Radine and all the beautiful women I met at Mystique. I cherish the relationships and teachings that unfolded in a unexpected way."


"I hope words can do justice to the huge amount of honor, joy and loving gratitude in my heart for Radine, The Wyld School and the Priestess Activation retreat of November 2022.

The magic was so profound and palpable from the moment I stepped onto the land at Villa Mystique. Radine guided us in our remembering and her gentle leadership made me feel inspired, appreciated, supported, accepted and safe.

I loved and appreciated that there was so much intention in everything!  I’ve attended many retreats promising transformation and rebirth but they all fell short. So I’d love to roar YES!! YEEEES!! THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE!"

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