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It is your light that lights the World

Vibrate in the Oneness...


You are beginning to re~member 


a time when humans cleansed, released and healed together 

a time when gathering in community was necessary for the experience of unity with all 

a time when our relationship with nature and the stars governed our actions 

a time when celebration of the wisdom of your heart and the pure joy of be~ing was in resonance with living 


You long to release the separateness that you feel inside and witness all around you 


…….a community of like minded people awaits you 


learn to Unleash your soul, Reclaim your primal nature,

and become a Warrior of your own truth...

The Dance of Divine Energies

February 20-26, 2025  | Villa Mystique, Costa Rica


A Journey into Inner Alignment


Ignite Together

Transformative Live Experiences 

The process of rebirthing is possible and different for everyone. It’s easy to fall into the trap if feeling stuck or powerless, but the deeper truth is that we all have the unique ability to ignite the aliveness that runs through our being and inspires us to live our lives to the fullest. 


And if you are here, you are ready. Connecting with Radine means you will experience a vast and deeply heart-opening journey. With a unique ability to create alongside the natural ebb and flow of the universe, Radine has developed relevant, ground-breaking and soul-shifting programs that are meant to lift you into the higher consciousness of tomorrow’s world.

Ignite from Home

Integrative Virtual Studio


Through The Wyld School Virtual Studio, learn how to remove the blocks and barriers that keep you from living your ideal life. From the comfort of your own home, find more peace, passion, and fulfillment. In each program, Radine helps you create a connection of body and mind that achieves inner and outer balance, fulfillment in life purpose, and the discovery of your own personal Wyld energy- opening to possibilities we never could have imagined.

Scholarships & Various Free Meditations Available

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In-Person and Online Program



I have had the extreme pleasure of getting to learn more about my divine feminine nature and my potential through Radine's classes.

I have also met amazing women who are on the same journey as me.  It's truly a beautiful and sacred sisterhood to be a part of. 

April 2022


I have had the honour of participating in Radine's Sacred Priestess Gatherings and Deep Plant Medicine Ceremonies. Radine has brought to life the most magical setting allowing her people to enhance their spiritual awareness. Through our spiritual remembering each of us feel safe and free as there is never any judgment. There is always so much beauty in the energy that surrounds us all through our experiences here. These gatherings are always filled with so much Love and Light as Radine's extensive training and spiritual vision develops with every breath she takes. 

These experiences have brought me so much balance and insight to my physical and spiritual world. I look forward to growing and healing as I continue my journey among this beautiful community that is being created.


May 2022


The Sacred Priestess ceremonies have empowered me to connect to my true self.

Radine has opened new channels of inner awareness that I could not have done alone.  This beautiful ceremony, and all the women that gather, has been a true blessing.


April 2022

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Meet Radine

RADINE BAXTER, is a mystic, space holder and a priestess of the Magdalene Rose lineage. Through the magical door of yoga, Radine’s journey into remembering began over 15 years ago. Through the study and practice of yoga, she opened yoga studios and developed a transformational teacher training program that inspired many to explore the deeper realms of the dualistic nature of our world, and of ourselves, helping all who emerged as teachers to be on a path of a balanced wholistic nature. 


Since then, she has walked the path of the heart warrior, healing herself with sacred plant medicines and deep initiations into the priestess lineage of the Magdalene. These sacred processes paved the gateway for much deeper wisdom including transmissions and sacred rites of passage.


Her gatherings reflect her learning and healing, as each ceremony harmonizes with the elements, the sacred, and the transmission of what your soul is ready to receive. 


Radine is also certified in Womb Dragon Priestess Training, Womb Healing and Activations, Sacred Magdalene Initiations, and facilitating Sacred Plant Ceremonies.

The Confidence Project

Discover how you can live your life as the fearless, confident, beautiful spirit you are and embark on a personal journey to find your confidence and live your best life. In this interactive journal and online program, Radine Baxter offers meditations, worksheets, yoga exercises, journal prompts, and various practical tools designed to uncover the source of your insecurities.

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