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The Dance of Divine Energies

A Journey into Inner Alignment

February 20-26, 2025 | Villa Mystique - Guanacaste, Costa Rica 

A Divine Dance of Union


Through daily sacred connection to the land of Costa Rica, rituals to take you deep into your feminine truth, you will awaken your innate wisdom and embodied intuition, alchemize and heal thorugh pleasure. Supported by local Costa Rican sound healing, womb healers, and bodywork, you will be transported into a chalice of transformation like no other.

The Dance of Divine Energies


A Retreat Designed to

Cultivate Wholeness and Inner Alignment

Have you felt the whisper of the sacred? 


The stirrings of something untouched and unknown within you?  The desire to go within to bring balance and nourishment to your life?


Imagine a secluded shamanic space where you can escape and call back in harmony your mind, body and spirit. 


Experience a week-long journey into wholeness at our private sanctuary in beautiful Costa Rica.


The Medicine….

  • Daily Qi Gong classes, designed to unlock your true potential and bring harmony and focus to your life.  Transmissions and workshops designed to balance the Divine Feminine (Yin) and Sacred Masculine (yang) within you.  

  • Daily Sound Healings, relieving chronic stress and illness, invoking the relaxation response and bringing into harmony your inner waters

  • Waterfall and Nature Adventures 

  • Gaia Awakening Mystical Concert and Sound Healing with Darren Austin Hall

Image by sterlinglanier Lanier

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment. - Laozi

What you will receive: 


  • Daily Qigong practice to bring divine balance to your mind body and spirit. 

  • Practices for healing yourself that you can integrate into your daily life 

  • Daily group Sound Healing Sessions and Personal Sound Healing Session 

  • Reconnection to nature and understanding its power in your life 

  • Plant Medicine Ceremonies 

  • Special Workshop with Darren Austin Hall

  • Practical Feminine embodiment tools to use at home


This is for the woman who: 


  • Is caught in an overly “masculine” energy and is feeling burnt out and disconnected to her feminine side

  • Has lost connection to their true needs and desires

  • Feels the weight of having to be everything for everyone

  • Wishes to learn a daily spiritual practice 

  • Feels like they’re hitting a wall and their current operating system isn’t working anymore

  • Feels burnt out and exhausted 

  • Needs to learn how to release stuck emotions and stagnant energy 

  • Wishes to connect to the most powerful version of themselves  

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This journey will empower you to learn tools  and invaluable ancient practices to empower you as leader, teacher, mother, friend, sister and Priestess as you return home.

Together, under the Costa Rica stars at our Villa Mystique, we will learn to heal ourselves, deepen our intuition, activate our bliss body and step into the role of Priestess for ourselves and for everyone on our path.

Image by Selina Bubendorfer

Your Retreat Experiences

Daily Sound Healing

with Jennifer Steffen


Discover the therapeutic and meditative wonders of sound baths as we immerse ourselves in the harmonious vibrations produced by an array of healing instruments, including Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Chimes, Tuning Forks, and inspired Vocals.

Guests will experience the the enchanting power of Sound Healing that skillfully blends healing tones, inspired vocals, and crystal bowls creating a serene soundscape to enhance one's overall well-being on multiple levels. When our crystalline body hears the familiar frequencies of the crystal bowls, our body begins to entrain with the crystal cadence enabling us to enter an altered state of consciousness, relaxation and healing. Each sonic journey will take guests into the 5 elements of consciousness, allowing for personal expansion, transformation and deeper connection to Source energy. 

Sound Healing has remarkable, proven benefits, including deepening meditation, altered states of consciousness, improving sleep, enhancing clarity and focus, reducing blood pressure and anxiety, calming both mind and body, alleviating muscle and joint pain, and more.

With a profound reverence for Ancient Wisdom, Rituals and Tradition, Jennifer is a seasoned practitioner in Integral Sound Healing, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, and Vibrational Sound Therapy. She believes that Wisdom flows through the ages, and by honoring Ancient rituals and practices, we unlock the keys to holistic well-being.

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Gaia Awakening Mystical Concert & Sound Journey

with Darren Austin Hall


We are living in a time of Holy Shift, one prophesized by our ancient ancestors the world over. From the ancient wisdom of the Mystery Schools of Eurasia, one such prophecy involves the re-membering of the mythological story of the Great Goddess of the Earth, Gaia-Sophia and how She is inspiring a great awakening in humanity at present to overcome millennia old tyranny. This story is of incredible significance and stirs awake the wisdom of the ages in us all. Join modern sage, bardic storyteller, mystical musician and sound channeller, Darren Austin Hall as he tells the story of Gaia-Sophia, weaving song, poetry and wisdom teachings to re-enchant our sense of the world. He will also share a deep Sound Journey experience for us to travel in our inner-worlds to receive visions from our souls.

Darren Austin Hall is an international song-channel, shamanic sound healer, author, poet and spiritual teacher-philosopher. He is the creator of the Source Resonance Academy devoted to leading sound healing training retreats, intensives and workshops around the world. He shares his legendary Druid Medicine Ritual Sound Journeys around the world and is a renowned recording artist. His new double-album, HONOUR ALL CREATION, is a concept album of sound healing journey music, mystical folk and ambient dance music devoted to the dawning of the New Earth. It also consists of a coinciding online course that charts a deep vision quest into the sacred wisdom of nature and the Earth, Honour All Creation: The Journey.

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Labyrinth & Dinner

Experience Costa Rica’s La Senda, the world’s biggest labyrinth in the middle of the dry tropical forest of Guanacasta.


This experience is truly a gateway to another realm. Designed and build around specific energy vortexes, La Senda will lead you on a path of your own self discovery, balancing and regenerating your field of energy.


Together with intention we will walk the labyrinth, practice a ritual of transformation in its centre, and enjoy the magic of the jungle  underneath the Costa Rican Stars.

The Labyrinth has been a symbol throughout time of the Goddess mysteries, of life, death, and rebirth, as well as a depiction of the Heroine's descent journey.


Sacred Dance Party

On the last night of of this transformative retreat, we will come together and embody the learnings of the week and the deep feminine. 

Let lose into who you truly are, dance in sisterhood to world music and celebrate the birth of your new, truly aligned feminine self. 

More details to come. 

Retreat Rhythm

7am-8am:  Wake up, Coffee, Tea, Fruit 


8am-9am:  The Qi Class and Sound Healing 


9am-10:30am:  Breakfast - local, organic, vegetarian fare


11am-1:00pm:  Balance of Divine Energies Transmission 


1pm-4pm:  Lunch and free time 


4pm-6pm:  Workshop 


6:30pm:  Dinner and free flow 


*Workshops can include embodiment practices, visualization, meditation, breath work, energy work, movement, and journaling - in the present energy and flow of each day.

Image by Samuel Charron

Begin Your Journey

The base cost for this retreat is $2,222 USD +  the cost of the room you chose. We require a non-refundable $500 deposit to secure your spot and save your room. You will be responsible for your flight to and from Costa Rica.

 On-Site Accommodations:

- Starlight Room: King Sized bed (Occupancy 1-2 people) - $600 USD *Occupied*

- Hummingbird Room: King Sized bed (Occupancy 1-2 people) - $600 USD 

Lotus Flower Room: 2 Double beds (Occupancy 2 people) - $500 USD per person 

Infinity Room: 2 Bunk Beds (Occupancy 4 people) - $200 USD per person

- Semi Private Den: Pull out couch (1 person) - $100

Off-Site Accommodations:
Guests who stay in the neighborhood of the villa will still receive all food, ceremonies, transportation and everything the retreat is offering.

Please email below for further information &  pricing. 

What's Included:

- Transmissions

- Embodiment classes 

-  All Ceremonies 

- Plant Medicine 

- All Lodging

- Most Meals 

- Transportation 

-Sweat Lodge 

- Guest Teachers


"I attended a level one priestess retreat in Costa Rica led by Radine.  It was nothing less than spectacular.  Radine has an innate ability to make you feel safe and hold space while you tap into your work. The ceremonies and morning rituals were thought out with loving intention. 

Her retreat space is a sanctuary tapping into all the senses.  The resonance of this high vibration helps to facilitate energetic shifting and healing.  Coming together with a small group of women to remember this type of healing is a powerful experience.  I could not be more grateful for the self work Radine has done in order to help us all continue to elevate in our journeys. "


“I feel like I went to paradise and found a part of me that was lost.” Attending the Dance of the Divine Energies, A Journey to Inner Alignment retreat with Radine was one of the most transformative and beautiful experiences of my life! From the first step onto the deeply powerful energetic ancient lands of Costa Rica, then into Villa Mystique, you can feel the safe, calm environment that Radine has created for your journey within.

Every detail is so thoughtful. The rooms are wonderfully curated for comfort and pure zen. The views are some of the best in Costa Rica. The agenda is full of experiences that will enable you to look inward and learn to love every version & part of yourself. Some highlights were daily qi gong, kundalini yoga, chef prepared fresh organic food, a divinely guided mushroom ceremony, trips to a sweat lodge & stunning waterfall.
Radine intuitively guided us each day, going with what came to her for our highest good. She is extremely gifted at tuning into each person’s energy and helping them release & envision a better aligned version of themselves.

If you feel stuck or are already on a journey of inner work, this retreat will propel you to the next level of self love & emanating love to expand your lives in ways you can’t even imagine.


"I hope words can do justice to the huge amount of honor, joy and loving gratitude in my heart for Radine, The Wyld School and the Priestess Activation retreat of November 2022.

The magic was so profound and palpable from the moment I stepped onto the land at Villa Mystique. Radine guided us in our remembering and her gentle leadership made me feel inspired, appreciated, supported, accepted and safe.

I loved and appreciated that there was so much intention in everything!  I’ve attended many retreats promising transformation and rebirth but they all fell short. So I’d love to roar YES!! YEEEES!! THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE!"

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