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Gathering of the Priestess 

(formally Devya Taya)

Within these ceremonial gatherings we are uniting to open and connect with the womb space, awaken our divine sexual energy, and learn to move intuitively from the awakening of this energy in dance and in life. 


What this includes: 

  • Personalized healings using Shamanic practices and light code language

  • Sacred medicine

  • Tantra practices 

  • Womb healings 

  • Ancient dance techniques and practices 

  • Ancient breath work practices 

  • Sacred Connection amongst a tribe of beautiful women 

  • Each event is 2-3 hours in length


Join our Upcoming  Gatherings



Upcoming Dates

The time is ripe for a new journey to begin. 

Are you ready to answer the call?

Spring Equinox Priestess Gathering

The True Beginning of the Year

Friday, March 22 at 7:00 pm

Microdose Ceremony to honour the balance of light and dark 

and new beginnings as the Spring Equinox honours the traditional start of the asrological year


This is a time to balance, pause and acknowledge the light and dark we all carry within us.

A time to plant seeds for the coming summer and stand in the light of our awareness of all

that we are and all that we wish to become..


Ceremony will include

* Qigong 

 * Micro dose 

* Tantric Ritual 

* Dance 

Your Investment: $111 CAD + HST

Radine Baxter

RADINE BAXTER, is a mystic, space holder and a priestess of the Magdalene Rose lineage. Through the magical door of yoga, Radine’s journey into remembering began over 15 years ago. Through the study and practice of yoga, she opened yoga studios and developed a transformational teacher training program that inspired many to explore the deeper realms of the dualistic nature of our world, and of ourselves, helping all who emerged as teachers to be on a path of a balanced wholistic nature. 


Since then, she has walked the path of the heart warrior, healing herself with sacred plant medicines and deep initiations into the priestess lineage of the Magdalene. These sacred processes paved the gateway for much deeper wisdom including transmissions and sacred rites of passage.


Her gatherings reflect her learning and healing, as each ceremony harmonizes with the elements, the sacred, and the transmission of what your soul is ready to receive. 


Radine is also certified in Womb Dragon Priestess Training, Womb Healing and Activations, Sacred Magdalene Initiations, and facilitating Sacred Plant Ceremonies.

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"The Priestess Gatherings make you present in the moment. You can feel the uplifting energy flowing all around you, creating a wonderful sense of well being.


Radine has provided an incredible safe space for all of us to connect with our true power. To join together as women to celebrate each other and one's self through this joyful movement.


Truly an honour to be invited to participate in this dance.


"I have been coming to Radine’s Priestess Gatherings since she first began them. The moment I stepped into the space I knew the evening was going to be transformational. No dance is the same, and they continue to evolve each time I attend. I keep coming back as these dances have helped me move through all levels of emotional and physical blocks. These dances evoke a somewhat primal response in me and the safe space she creates allows you the opportunity to not have to hold back. For me these dances are filled with awakenings, love, laughter, tears and so much more. The experience is somewhat indescribable and I encourage anyone to try one of Radine’s dances to truly understand the awakenings that occur. She is always present to help you move through emotions if you need it, and provides a beautiful live alter to also assist in this as well. I cannot wait to go back for the next dance! 


" Priestess gatherings changed my life. My very first participation left me with a feeling that I’m finally on the right path to awakening my true self. Each gathering is different from the previous one; as Radine grows you grow with her and the more you practice the deeper you can reach what’s inside you and wants to be rediscovered. It’s hard to put into words what you feel during the ceremonies, but true Beaty is meant to be simply felt. 

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