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Image by Alejandro Piñero Amerio


A 5 day journey into the sacred lands of Costa Rica & Villa Mystique


January 5-10, 2025 | Villa Mystique - Guanacaste, Costa Rica 

Creative Vision Quest Retreat

‘Every artist dips the brush into the soul and paints their true nature into their paintings‘ Henry Ward Beecher

Do you…

  • Feel your creativity has been dimmed?

  • Spend time considering certain goals, dreams, or aspirations, but don’t know how to begin putting them into action?

  • Have the sense that something is missing in your life and you long to feel more fulfilled?

Expand your curiosity, clarity and vision with an experience designed to create space for you and the long-held desires you have.

Creative Vision Quest is a transformative journey designed to bring your highest aspirations to life and pave the way for a more fulfilling existence. The experience - held over five beautiful days in Costa Rica - will enliven your spirit as you dream, plan, envision and create…

This experience is for you if…


  • You are a creative or are interested in expanding your creative potential

  • You want to learn exactly how to bring your desires to life

  • You feel like you are meant for something more

“We are all born with the power to create. Our dreams are the seeds of our imagination, and the fuel that moves us forward. They can shape our lives and define our purpose. Join us for this amazing adventure of creation in community. Together we will retreat, replenish, and absorb new life skills for transforming our reality” - Kerri King

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Villa Mystique is an intimate, healing sanctuary with breathtaking  jungle and sunset views, luxury accommodation and a newly built yoga temple - just 20 minutes from Tamarindo. Embrace Mother Gaia, connect back to yourself on this sacred land and experience life changing transformations. 

Image by Selina Bubendorfer

Your Retreat Hosts

    Len Benoit

    Len Benoit, an Applied Integrative Coach, Bodyworker & Exercise Coach. With over two decades in fitness, Len founded Fit 1 Bootcamp, nurturing a thriving community until 2022. His extensive qualifications include certifications in Personal Training, CHEK Exercise Coaching, and martial arts. Beyond fitness, Len embraces a holistic approach encompassing nutrition, hypnotherapy, NLP, and trauma-focused psychedelics harm reduction. Learn more about Len

    Kerri King

    Kerri King is a creative coach with a passion for arts, culture and connecting. Her background in public relations and economic development has fueled her desire to help others to create their own unique roadmaps to maximize their creative potential. As a keen listener and catalyst of ideas, Kerri holds a decades long track record of success in helping others build and execute their own powerful, creative visions. Learn more about Kerri.

    ANNÁ_RADINE_-16-profile pic bio pic.jpeg

    Radine Baxter

    Radine is a mystic, space holder, teacher of tantra arts and qigong  as well as a Shamanic practitioner of Plant Medicine and the Energy Arts. She has spent years learning various  disciplines of energy including all levels of Reiki and Holy Fire, Emotional Freedom Technique, Shamanism, Tantra and Womb healing. Her gatherings reflect her learning and healing, as each ceremony harmonizes with the elements, the sacred, and the transmission of what your soul is ready to receive.

    Retreat Rhythm

    7am-8am:  Wake up, Coffee, Tea, Fruit 


    8am-9am:  Morning Qigong and meditation designed to help you balance the creative energy within you 


    9am-10:30am:  Breakfast - local, organic, vegetarian fare


    11am-1:00pm:  Daily Creative Vision Workshop


    1pm-4pm:  Lunch and free time 


    4pm-6pm:  Power of Breath Workshop 


    6:30pm:  Dinner and free flow 

    **Fascial Release Bodywork bookings available with Len Benoit (additional cost)


    *Workshops can include embodiment practices, visualization, meditation, breath work, energy work, movement, and journaling - in the present energy and flow of each day.

    Image by Samuel Charron

    Begin Your Journey

    The base cost for this retreat is $2,222 USD +  the cost of the room you chose. We require a non-refundable $500 USD/$685 CAD deposit to secure your spot and save your room. You will be responsible for your flight to and from Costa Rica, along with any transfers.

     On-Site Accommodations:

    - Starlight Room: King Sized bed (Occupancy 1-2 people) - $600 USD *Occupied*

    - Hummingbird Room: King Sized bed (Occupancy 1-2 people) - $600 USD 

    Lotus Flower Room: 2 Double beds (Occupancy 2 people) - $500 USD per person 

    Infinity Room: 2 Bunk Beds (Occupancy 4 people) - $200 USD per person

    - Semi Private Den: Pull out couch (1 person) - $100

    Off-Site Accommodations:
    Guests who stay in the neighborhood of the villa will still receive all food, workshops, transportation and everything the retreat is offering.

    Please email below for further information &  pricing. 

    What's Included:

    - Transmissions

    - Embodiment classes 

    -  All Ceremonies/workshops 

    - All Lodging

    - Most Meals 

    - Transportation 

    - Guest Teachers

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