Wyld Offerings

From our transformative live experiences to our integrative virtual studio, there is something for everyone! Learn to Unleash your Wyld through Radine's various offerings below.

live transformative experiences

The process of rebirthing is possible and different for everyone. It’s easy to fall into the trap if feeling stuck or powerless, but the deeper truth is that we all have the unique ability to ignite the aliveness that runs through our being and inspires us to live our lives to the fullest. 


And if you are here, you are ready. Connecting with Radine means you will experience a vast and deeply heart-opening journey. With a unique ability to create alongside the natural ebb and flow of the universe Radine has developed relevant, ground-breaking and soul-shifting programs that are meant to lift you into the higher consciousness of tomorrow’s world.


Priestess Retreat

This 7 Day Ascension Path journey will empower you to learn tools  and invaluable ancient practices to empower you as leader, teacher, mother, friend, sister and Priestess as you return home.

TBD | Villa Mystique, Costa Rica

Summer Solstice

A  time of alignment and expansion is coming..

A time when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky and our earth is closest to the sun.

It is within this energy that  we are guided to bask in its warm glow, allow its  abundance to inspire us, guide us, and energize us for months to come. When we honour this light , we naturally honour our own divine light and the path of our Souls truth. 


Join us in community for a special Summer Solstice Ceremony. 

Plant Medicine Ceremony led by Radine and Sound Healing and channeled Light Transmissions by Lisa Bertschy.

June 21st | $222
*Sold Out*

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Super Moon Breathwork

DMT Activation Session

The full moon in Capricorn is opposite the sun and Mercury in Cancer.  The alignment is one of change as well as  going within,  allowing the

body to heal, rest and enjoy the moments that are.

Join us for a DMT Breath Work Session in Radine’s ‘Breathe Studio’ . Allow the sounds of nature, your breath and the harmonic flow of music to take you on journey of healing, discovery and unity 


July 13th | $77
Email below to reserve your spot
*Limited space remaining*

Shakti Sessions

Shakti Cultivation Sessions are an inner journey of self-discovery. Through ancient practices such as breath work, tantra and source code transmission from priestess to client, the energies of trauma, disconnection and disillusionment are released.

New Goddess Rising 7.5x12.5 .jpg

Sacred Plant Medicine Circles

Our community healing circles are a beautiful practice of gathering and honoring each other’s healing journey. All circles are facilitated by Radine, and held with the energy of sacred plants, ancient rituals and loving intentions.

Gathering of the Priestess

Gathering of the Priestess ceremonies are a celebration of the Priestess that lives within us all, and the Priestess path we walk together. Through this ceremonial gathering the divine feminine unites and connects with the womb space, as a gateway to activate our divine sexual energy. As we come together we learn to move more intuitively from the awakening energy that dances inside, and learn how we can transmute this into our lives. Radine offers unique Shamanic practices that are individual to our journeys, after years of training Radine provides a safe, connective and loving space where we can explore the deep parts of our Divine feminine. 

*Next Gathering : July 29th, 2022*
*Sold Out*


integrative virtual studio

Through The Wyld School Virtual Studio, learn how to remove the blocks and barriers that keep you from living your ideal life. From the comfort of your own home, find more peace, passion, and fulfillment. In each program, Radine helps you create a connection of body and mind that achieves inner and outer balance, fulfillment in life purpose, and the discovery of your own personal Wyld energy- opening to possibilities we never could have imagined.

Once you have committed to the gatherings listed above, The Wyld School is unable to offer a refund. Please ensure you are fully committed before signing up, as we spaces fill up quickly and we do not have a 'cancellation list'.