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Wyld Offerings

From our transformative live experiences to our integrative virtual studio, there is something for everyone! Learn to Unleash your Wyld through Radine's various offerings below.

live transformative experiences

The process of rebirthing is possible and different for everyone. It’s easy to fall into the trap if feeling stuck or powerless, but the deeper truth is that we all have the unique ability to ignite the aliveness that runs through our being and inspires us to live our lives to the fullest. 


And if you are here, you are ready. Connecting with Radine means you will experience a vast and deeply heart-opening journey. With a unique ability to create alongside the natural ebb and flow of the universe Radine has developed relevant, ground-breaking and soul-shifting programs that are meant to lift you into the higher consciousness of tomorrow’s world.

The Dance of Divine Energies
A Journey into Inner Alignment

Through daily sacred connection to the land of Costa Rica, practice and rituals designed to open and connect the feminine gateways, transmissions of love, light and sacred connection, local Costa Rican sound healing, womb healers, and body work, you will be transported into a sacred vessel of transformation like no other.

Retreat dates:​

February 20-26, 2025

Villa Mystique, Costa Rica


The Qi Class

And so I fell in love with Qi.

What is Qi?

Living life just as it was intended.

Qigong is an art of movement and a method of self cultivation. It teaches us how to work with the life force in our bodies. It was developed in China thousands of years ago as a traditional part of Chinese medicine. 


The Qi Class teaches how to embody a flow state in order to optimize energy within the body, mind and spirit, improving health and well-being.  In this class we journey through mediation, deep yoga stretching and Qigong form to open the deeper channels within, bringing balance, harmony and vitality to our lives. You will begin to feel and experience a shift with just one class. 


Some of the benefits of Qigong practice include, 


  • Stress Reduction and Emotional Well-being

  • Enhanced Energy and Vitality 

  • Improved Physical Health 

  • Mental Clarity and Focus 

  • Relaxation and better sleep 

  • Balance and Fall prevention 

  • Enhanced Mind- Body Connection 


Our classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and  are open to everyone, no experience is necessary 

Upcoming Classes


Exchange: $30 CAD per class (plus taxes)

The Qi Class

Tao Tantra Arts Coaching Sessions

Tantra is a personal path of transformation. This ancient way of life turns on the parts of us that have laid dormant and begins to open our world into a way of living that is naturally happier, healthier and spiritually connected. 


Tantra is a life approach that honours everything that we are as divine. This ancient practice calls upon us to begin awakening to expanded states of consciousness, to understand our potential to heal ourselves, and begin to experience states of bliss, love, joy and ecstasy.

Our tantra coaching sessions together will heal past trauma and unlock deeper aspects of who you are, providing a new window from which to see and experience the world.

Expect your relationship to yourself and others to change as you awaken new awareness within you and transform your power in relating. 

You will learn practices and techniques to expand your consciousness and access higher states of awareness. Learning to enjoy and live life fully will become your new experience. 

We become whole, aligned and truly powerful when we understand that the stages of our life and our spiritual development are not separate. 

Tantra Coaching is for you if you:


  • Desire to finally heal from past trauma and pain 

  • Wish to deepen your relationship to your sacred sexual energy 

  • Are ready for a spiritual up leveling , shifting your current state into one of more happiness, love and bliss 

  • Wish to feel balanced, aligned and whole.

  • Are ready to deepen your relationship with your current partner or call in a beloved 

Tao Tantra Arts Coaching Sessions
Moon Stages

New Moon Circle 

This circle will honour the dark phase of the moon, speak to what is being birthed within us and involve opening Qi Gong and a small portion of breath work. After, we will meditate and listen to sacred sounds. 


Exchange : $88

*at capacity*

June 7, 2024

7:00- 9:30pm 

Gathering of the Priestess

Gathering of the Priestess ceremonies are a celebration of the Priestess that lives within us all, and the Priestess path we walk together. Through this ceremonial gathering the divine feminine unites and connects with the womb space, as a gateway to activate our divine sexual energy. As we come together we learn to move more intuitively from the awakening energy that dances inside, and learn how we can transmute this into our lives. Radine offers unique Shamanic practices that are individual to our journeys, after years of training Radine provides a safe, connective and loving space where we can explore the deep parts of our Divine feminine. 

Spring Equinox Priestess Gathering

Friday, March 22, 7pm

Exchange: $111 CAD

Goddess Sophia.png
Dancer in Sunset

Tribal Trance Flow

Experience a mix of kundalini, powerful breath work, yoga flow and new movement practices to open your mind, release your body, and free your soul.

Moving between guided flow and free-form movement, this unique fusion of yoga and tribal dance offers a safe and sacred space to explore. Tribal Trance Flow ™ is a journey into a five-dimensional reality; it is a limitless, boundary-free place in time and space where you can become anything.

Next date TBD - $35

Lake House Retreats
with Radine

Lake House Medicine Retreat
Lion's Gate Portal

The Lion’s Gate Portal is the time when the Leo sun aligns with the star Sirius, the Orion belt and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. It is one of the most powerful portals of the year believed to enhance the openness of energy between the spiritual and physical planes, allowing for intense personal growth, transformation and spiritual awakenings.

Join us at a private Lake House for a one of a kind intimate retreat (only 8 participants) and become One with All that Is. We will be journeying with three medicines, Rappe, Psilocybin and  5 MEO, an entheogen that invites you on the path of uncovering Truth. The Truth about the Soul, Cosmos, Nature and yourself.

Dates: August 9-11, 2024

Exchange: $777
Includes all meals and plant medicines
Space is limited

Please contact Radine and Jenna to reserve your space.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-11 at 8.02.47 PM.jpeg

Restorative Energy Healing by Candlelight 

.This workshop will open with light Qigong practice to harmonize the balance of yin and yang within you and then continue with restorative yoga poses, while Radine and Erin offer individual energetic healing.

The energetic healing is a combination of work with the lineage of Reiki, Reiki Holy Fire,  Celtic Light Reiki and individual light healing transmissions as they have been received over time.

Gift the gift of rejuvenation for your mind body and spirit and practice the beautiful art of receiving in the energy with us.

About Erin Fagan, R.C.R.T.(Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist):


Erin is a wellness healing practitioner,  passionate about helping others to  connect and feel balance within. Erin is a reflexologist with 10 years of service, and  includes energetic healing throughout all of her sessions.
Her interests include breathwork, plant medicine, & celebrating Mother Earth.

Reiki 1&2 Practitioner
Celtic Reiki Practitioner
Indian Head Massage certificate
Breath Work Teacher In training

Thursday, July 25  at 7pm

$60 Exchange

Shakti’s Closet Temple Space

Sacred Plant Medicine Circles

Our community healing circles are a beautiful practice of gathering and honouring each other’s healing journey. All circles are facilitated by Radine, and held with the energy of sacred plants, ancient rituals and loving intentions. This is a deep plant medicine journey. 

Next Event TBD

Email below to inquire

New Goddess Rising 7.5x12.5 .jpg

Shakti Sessions

Shakti Cultivation Sessions are an inner journey of self-discovery. Through ancient practices such as breath work, tantra and source code transmission from priestess to client, the energies of trauma, disconnection and disillusionment are released.

New Moon Sacred Circle

Opening 2024

Sacred Temple Arts Mystery School

2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon, and adds up to the numerological number  ‘8’ - a time of embracing power, and taking control of our lives.

The Wood Dragon symbolizes power, honour, luck and success.

This new year marks a time of claiming our inner power, and understanding what that fully means as we begin standing in our truth like never before.

Many astrologers are claiming that 2023 will mark the start of an era of light…

We are gathering to mark this beginning together in sacred circle, by the first dark moon of 2024 on January 11th.

Join Radine, Jennifer Steffen, and Tara Lee for sacred ceremony to mark this beautiful time.


  • Tantra Qi Gong

  • Breath Work Session

  • Gentle Lomi Lomi  adjustments during breath work

  • Sound Healing and individual grounding session

  • Tantric Ritual

Thursday, January 11 at 7pm

Exchange: $88

*Waitlist Only*

Integrative Virtual Studio

integrative virtual studio

Through The Wyld School Virtual Studio, learn how to remove the blocks and barriers that keep you from living your ideal life. From the comfort of your own home, find more peace, passion, and fulfillment. In each program, Radine helps you create a connection of body and mind that achieves inner and outer balance, fulfillment in life purpose, and the discovery of your own personal Wyld energy- opening to possibilities we never could have imagined.

Once you have committed to the gatherings listed above, The Wyld School is unable to offer a refund. Please ensure you are fully committed before signing up, as we spaces fill up quickly and we do not have a 'cancellation list'. 

All bookings for in person & online  are non-refundable

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