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tribal trance flow

Experience a mix of kundalini, powerful breath work, yoga flow and new movement practices to open your mind, release your body, and free your soul.

Moving between guided flow and free-form movement, this unique fusion of yoga and tribal dance offers a safe and sacred space to explore. Tribal Trance Flow  is a journey into a five-dimensional reality; it is a limitless, boundary-free place in time and space where you can become anything.


Explore how meditation, yoga flow movement, energetic breath work, shamanic drumming, and free-form body movement can help you move away from third-dimensional thought patterns. Free yourself of limiting beliefs and discover your true nature: infinite and divine.


In this class and online program, we create a safe, sacred space where we give our bodies a voice. Tribal Trance Flow is more than just a movement class; it is a sacred journey into creativity, manifestation, and true freedom.

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Are you ready to rise up and let go of what's holding you back?

Begin again. Empty your thoughts. Clear your mind. Set your spirit free.

Tribal Trance Flow ™ uses your breath and body to step into the realm of non-judgement through the twin vehicles of yoga and dance. It’s a deep letting go of all thought and a surrender into the depths of your being designed to inspire, lift and change you from the inside out. 


Transcend beyond your mind, body and emotions and awaken to the consciousness of your soul through fluid movement with the healing sounds of shamanic drums. Dance to the drum of the universe and align your energy so you can manifest the life you want. Challenge your mind, body and spirit to move in intuitive ways that show you how to connect with universal wisdom, all while boosting your energy. This class will help you to move through any stuck energy or blockages in your life, encouraging the development of confidence and inner strength through a self-empowering journey.

Free Yourself

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Amanda K

Tribal Trance Flow is a class that teaches you to let go of restrictions, judgments and ways of being. You feel yourself moving away from your own limitations into an alignment of energy where all things are possible.

This is what yoga is about! It's incredible. You're just freeing your spirit and... you feel like you're brand new after it's done.

Renée P

I feel lifted and clear after. It shakes you up and makes you feel so good.

Paula S

Radine [Carol] is constantly making things new; constantly growing. Every practice that we do is freeing.

The Trance Dance class has been awesome; you feel like your soul is refreshed and you're ready to move on with your day.

Mike C

The class is evolving as Radine [Carol] evolves. The areas she becomes interested in and passionate about; she brings it into the class.

This type of class is all about moving energy and waking up the mind, body, and spirit... I really feel the shift of energy when I come to this class.

Rachel S

I would come with my legs feeling really heavy and I would leave feeling so light. That's what really kept me coming back. 


It doesn't matter what's happened out there; when I come here and go to this class, it's like everything has just dropped away. There's literally nothing else like it; I've never been to another class like it.


These classes are so divine. They allow for you to let go of your mind and get into your body & connect with spirit.

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