Shakti Sessions

"The twenty-first century priestess becomes the container who helps create sacred space

wherein women can connect with the Goddess within." —Ruth Barrett


It's Time to Connect with Your Bliss Body

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New Goddess Rising by John Arthur Moseley


Shakti Cultivation Sessions

Magical innocence…

Self Love…

Orgasmic Living…

Inner Discovery..

Source codes..


Shakti Cultivation Sessions are an inner journey of self-discovery. Through ancient practices such as breath work, tantra and source code transmission from priestess to client, the energies of trauma, disconnection and disillusionment are released.

This powerful work opens the connection to your bliss body. Our Bliss Body is the layer of us that contains our highest self, our inherent but forgotten expansive freedom and joy.

These personal sessions will re connect you to the earth grid, returning to the vibration of your primal innocence, and begin opening the gateway to experience life as your soul wishes to feel it. This is a return to original wholeness.

Your Investment: $333 CAD + HST

Dragon Shakti Breath

Feminine Breath work has long been forgotten, hidden and denied other than in sacred mystery schools. In these ancient mystery schools, feminine breath work was a rite of the Priestesses, helping them to heal, activate and open their sacred temples.


The Dragon Lair is the heart of the Feminine Crown, the key of all keys. This area of the body is also commonly known as the root chakra and as the throne- a symbol of Isis since ancient times. 


Through this journey we will open this sensitive and magical area, known as the doorway to ‘heaven on earth', reconnecting us to life on the planet in a new and embodied way. This practice is one of remembering, exploration into your temple and a true opening and surrender to love. 

Previous Group Session: Wednesday, November 10 | 7-8:30pm

Your Investment: $55 CAD + HST

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Radine Corr

RADINE CORR, formally known as Carol Baxter, is a mystic, space holder, a priestess of the Magdalene Rose lineage, a teacher and student of remembering. Through the magical door of yoga, Radine’s journey into remembering began over 15 years ago. Through the study and practice of yoga, she opened yoga studios and developed a transformational teacher training program that inspired many to explore the deeper realms of the dualistic nature of our world, and of ourselves, helping all who emerged as teachers to be on a path of a balanced wholistic nature. 


Since then, she has walked the path of the heart warrior, healing herself with  sacred plant medicine, including Ayahuasca, sacred mushrooms, and 5 MEO DMT. This ancient magic paved the gateway for much deeper wisdom, the exploration of ancient  mysteries and beautiful creations. Radine is also certified in Womb Dragon Priestess Training, Womb Healing, and facilitating Sacred Plant Ceremonies .